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Global WIN YCC-61F1 Server Case Review

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This is the first in a series of case reviews which we hope, will bring you face to face with some of the worlds most innovative and interesting computer enclosures and we thought that there would be no better case to start with than the Global WIN YCC-61F1 Aluminum Server Case!!

Global WIN YCC-61F1 Server Case Review - Cases and Cooling 12 It could be argued, that the YCC-61F1 is the closest thing to the “perfect case” ever designed, we’ll show you all the fantastic features it possesses, then let you decide if it deserves the title!!

One of the first things to grab you when looking at the YCC-61F1 is its convertibility. It is equipped with casters, but I decided to use this case without them, just like a normal tower. While offering plenty of drive bays; four 5.25″, two 3.5″ external bays and five internal 3.5” bays it’s not overly large, measuring 460 (D) x 240 (W) x 560 (H) mm and for our American readers, who prefer their dimensions in inches this beauty comes in at 21.875″ (D) x 9.5″ (W) x 18″ (H), add two inches to the total height if you’re going to use the casters. The total weight of the YCC-61F1 without power supply is only 8.5 Kgs.

What really impressed me was the width of 240 mm (9.5″), the additional width equates to an increased volume of air within the case, the ability to use 120 mm fans comfortably, the ability to hide excess power and drive cables resulting in an uncluttered roomy work area, just to point out a few of the advantages of the extra width.

The case has a brushed aluminum finish and the front bezel (seen above) is matching grayish silver and looks great with black, silver and even beige drives installed.

Global WIN YCC-61F1 Server Case Review - Cases and Cooling 13 Now look at the side of this case. Doesn’t it seem to be crying out for laser etching or for a fancy window installation??

The sleek design and attention to detail of the molded plastic front bezel, as is true with the entire case, makes the YCC-61F1 a modder’s dream, much can be done with it, and only your imagination limits what you can do!!!

The first surprises offered by the YCC-61F1 are contained on the right side of the bezel, first you’ll notice three LED’s and beneath that panel there seems to be a door hiding something or other. Our next two photos will expose the mystery!!

The photo on the left explains the three LED’s, “Power On” and two “HDD’s” I’d like to see this feature expanded to most cases, as the majority of enthusiasts now have more than one hard drive.

Global WIN YCC-61F1 Server Case Review - Cases and Cooling 14  Global WIN YCC-61F1 Server Case Review - Cases and Cooling 15

The mystery of what’s behind the door is revealed in the photo on the right (above), two USB ports and an expansion card slot, that’s right an expansion card slot, what an ingenious innovative approach Global WIN took here!! By using the expansion card connector, you can bring anything you want up front like, USB2 ports, Firewire or Infrared ports, just to name a few of the possibilities., It gives you the flexibility of saving your expansion slots for needed PCI expansion cards.

Global WIN YCC-61F1 Server Case Review - Cases and Cooling 16

The back of the case offers its surprises as well, instead of the usual seven expansion slots, the Global WIN YCC-61F1 offers eight. The honeycomb stamped fan grill is one of the most effective I’ve ever seen, usually stamped case grills are awful and restrict airflow and need to be cut out and replaced by wire grills, not these stamped grills. YES, that IS a 120 mm exhaust fan mounting, your eyes are not deceiving you!! I guess I’ll just have to put my Dremel away.

All three sides (top, right and left panels are removable and are secured in place with thumbscrews. There are thumbscrews everywhere including the five that hold the removable motherboard tray in position.

I realize that the photo above is not very clear, the motherboard tray is manufactured of a mirror finish stainless steel, it’s extremely strong and rigid, no supports are needed and it’s a %#!@$ to photograph.

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