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This has been our look at the Global WIN YCC-61F1 Aluminum Server Case and from our viewpoint one of the closest we have seen to “that perfect case” we all have been looking for.

Cooling friendly with two 120 mm fan placements (the fans and power supply are not supplied as standard with this case), more room than any case I’ve had the pleasure of working on, light weight aluminum construction, sturdy stainless steel removable motherboard tray, all panels removable, can be used with the supplied casters or without whichever your needs dictate and last but not least, thumbscrews everywhere!!!

There are a few sharp edges I’d like to see eliminated, I would have preferred an aluminum front bezel instead of plastic and I’d like to have had the break-away wiring harness.

Like most aluminum cases the YCC-61F1 does not come cheaply and at about $ 200.00 USD the suggested retail selling price places it in a favorable position amongst its competition!!

For additional information and/or to purchase the Global WIN YCC-61F1 Aluminum server case, contact your favorite Global WIN reseller or visit for a list of resellers world-wide.

I said early on, that the Global WIN YCC-61F1 Server Case was a modder’s dream; I’d love to see what Andrew of DesignComp could do with it. You’ll be hearing from me soon, Andrew!!!

With all said and done, this is one fantastic case and I would like to thank the good folks at Acadia Technology, Inc. for making this review possible. Thanks again, Chung!!

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