Overclocking and System Setup

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MSI has done a little to appease those who are demanding an overclocking dual-Athlon motherboard. In the bios, there are multiplier adjustments but only up to 12.5x and not on into the 15x range we have seen on the recent KT333 boards. While this has the possibility to change with a bios revision, I only review what I have. The bus frequency settings are very limited, offering you only the five choices of 133, 138, 140, 144 and 150 MHz. FSB overclocking isn’t going to get you very far and even reaching the 138 MHz mark was a struggle. Default speeds only, please. 🙂 Finally, you should note that Vcore control was left out completely.

The system setup for these tests are exactly like the ones on our Tyan Tiger MPX review using the Athlon MP 1900+ processors (I have 2000+ available, but didn’t feel the need or desire to go back and redo all the Tyan’s benchmarks). Additional benchmarks are included to help showcase the power of using two processors.

Test System Setup
CPU 2 x 1.60 GHz AMD Athlon MP 1900+ Processors
1 x 1.67 GHz AMD Athlon XP 2000+ Processor
Motherboards MSI K7D Master-L
Tyan Tiger MPX
Memory 1 x 512MB Crucial PC2100 DDR DRAM
Hard Drive 20.5GB 7200 RPM IBM EIDE
Video Card GeForce 3
Video Drivers Detonator 22.40
Operating System Windows XP


Quake III: Arena
3DMark 2001
Wolfenstein MP
SiSoft Sandra Memory Bench
SiSoft Sandra CPU Bench
Content Creation Winstone 2001
Content Creation Winstone 2002
Business Winstone 2001
4 different SPEC view perf tests
Sysmark 2001
CliBench III
Linux Compilation
Adobe Photoshop

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