Abit KR7A-133R KT266A Motherboard Review

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Be prepared for perhaps the shortest motherboard review you have seen yet on! 🙂 While we reviewed the KR7A-RAID motherboard back at the end of January, Abit has released an updated version of the board, called the KR7A-133R.

There are basically two changes made two this model and one is a specification. First, Abit has upgraded the south bridge on the KT266A chipset to increase the ATA stats to UDMA 133 on the standard and RAID IDE channels. This increase in hard drive performance will be fairly small, even if you are using one of the Maxtor hard drives that uses the technology.

The other change is merely some performance tweaking by Abit’s engineers on the KT266A chipset, which gave me a modest boost in performance.

Because the board is physically identical to the Abit KR7A-RAID board, if you would like to skip right through to the benchmarks, click here. Otherwise, I have copied exactly the second page of this article from my previous KR7A review.

Motherboard Specifications
CPU Socket Socket A (200/266 MHz Support)
Chipset VIA KT266A
Form Factor ATX
Multiplier Options 6x – 13x
Bus Speed Options 100-200 MHz
Voltages 1.725v – 1.85v
Memory Support 4 x 184-pin DDR DRAM PC1600/PC2100Support
Expansion Slots 6/0/1/0 (PCI/ISA/AGP/CNR)
AGP Support 4x AGP
USB Support 2x Standard USB ports
Integrated Components none
Bios Award BIOS
Onboard IDE 2 x ATA133 EIDE

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