SPECviewperf, Cachemem and ScienceMark

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DFI AD73-RAID KT266A Motherboard Review - Motherboards 30

Most of the tests in the SPECviewperf suite showed the same results that we have been seeing throughout the review: the DFI motherboard is only slightly slower than the Soltek or MSI KT333 motherboards. Interesting though, the Intel P4 system is seemingly able to keep up with both chipsets on the majority of the tests. With aged GeForce 3 video card being used, I would say that it is limiting the scores on this test and allowing the Pentium to catch up.

DFI AD73-RAID KT266A Motherboard Review - Motherboards 31

Again as in the SiSoft scores, we are seeing the advantages of the KT333 chipset over the KT266A chipset. However, as you can see, they aren’t that dramatic in real world tests that we have seen for several previous pages. And, just as in the older SiSoft version, the P4 system is able to claim the top scores for this memory benchmark.

DFI AD73-RAID KT266A Motherboard Review - Motherboards 32

The P4 system isn’t so lucky here! 🙂 It falls behind by a very considerable amount, leaving the AMD chipsets to reign. They are all pretty close in results with the DFI motherboard able to hang in there with the best of the AMD motherboards we have tested.

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