Koolance Liquid Cooling Cases

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Koolance Liquid Cooling Cases - Cases and Cooling 37

This is my first attempt at water cooling and what better way to get started than to have a go with the two Koolance® cases currently available; the PC2-C and the PC21-601.

First off, all I would like to thank Peter from The Overclocking Store for making this review possible by sending these two cases to me.

I remember about two years ago looking at making my own watercooling rig, but never got round to it, basically because I didn’t want to risk the damage that a leaky waterblock or pipe could cause.

The main reason that I wanted to go watercooling rather than the conventional air cooling was not due to overclocking but to get the noise down to acceptable level; I have my PC on 24/7 in the living room and having it sounding like a jet aircraft is not a good idea, and going down the Koolance® route not only made things allot easier than making my own watercooling rig, but also kept the wife from throwing my PC out the window.

Instead of doing a review of each case and posting them separately, I decided to do a review of both cases together.

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