Overclocking and System Setup

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Overclocking the Athlon XP processor on the Soltek 75DRV5 motherboard has some good success. While running the memory synchronous to the front side bus (1:1) I was able to reach a nice 160 MHz FSB speed and by moving the multiplier down. However, on the 166 MHz memory bus with 133 MHz processor bus, the increase was less dramatic, allowing me to reach 174 MHz before causing stability problems. That meant that the CPU bus was running at 141 MHz, which is very high. Though this is only my second experience overclocking the DDR333 mode on the KT333 chipsets, I am willing to say the KT266A motherboards are slightly better for overclocking right now.

The only problem with Soltek’s overclocking ability was how it had to be done: via jumpers. The multipliers, AGP and DIMM voltages all have to be done manually on dipswitches. The 75DRV4 suffered from this same ailment and it was later replaced by the 75ERV which was just the KT266A board with the bios options for overclocking. I haven’t heard anything from Soltek about doing the same thing for the KT333 chipset, so I wouldn’t hold out waiting for it to come.

The system setup for the test was as you see below. I have in this test the best KT266A motherboard we have yet seen as well as the other KT333 motherboard reviewed here at Amdmb.com, the MSI KT3 Ultra-ARU and the nForce powered MSI K7N420 Pro.

Test System Setup
CPU 1 x 1.67 GHz AMD Athlon XP 2000+ Processor
Motherboards Soltek 75DRV5
Abit KR7A-133R
MSI K7N420-D Pro
Memory 2 x 256MB Corsair Micro PC2700 DDR DRAM
2 x 256MB Crucial PC2700 DDR DRAM
Hard Drive 20.5GB 7200 RPM IBM EIDE
Video Card GeForce 3
Video Drivers Detonator 22.40
Operating System Windows XP


Quake III: Arena
3DMark 2001
3DMark 2001: SE
Wolfenstein MP
SiSoft Sandra Memory Bench 2001
SiSoft Sandra CPU Bench 2001
SiSoft Sandra Memory Bench 2002
SiSoft Sandra CPU Bench 2002
Content Creation Winstone 2001
Content Creation Winstone 2002
Business Winstone 2001
4 different SPEC view perf tests
Sysmark 2001

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