Wolfenstein MP and Jedi Knight II

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NVIDIA Ti4200 and MSI Ti4400 Review - Graphics Cards 15

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This demo, from Anandtech is very dependent on the processor and because of this, we see nearly all the scores are too close to call. Even on the 1600×1200 resolution the biggest difference in scores is by 3.8%.

NVIDIA Ti4200 and MSI Ti4400 Review - Graphics Cards 16

Again, as in the Quake III tests, the real information comes from the highest resolution tested here. In 1600x1200x32, the Ti4400 card pulls 10% ahead of the Radeon 8500 and the Ti4200 card is able to win out on the Radeon card as well, by 5% or so.

NVIDIA Ti4200 and MSI Ti4400 Review - Graphics Cards 17

Of all the benchmarks, this was the most surprising one to see. At the lower end of the resolutions, all three cards perform admirably on the newly released Jedi Knight II game. However, increasing the resolution further shows the one weakness of the Ti4200 card – only having 64 MB of memory. The JK2 engine, when set on Very High detail levels, uses some large textures, and it is obviously too much for the 64 MB of the NVIDIA Ti4200 card. In the 1600×1200 resolution, the Ti4400 has a 236% lead over the Ti4200!!

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