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NVIDIA Ti4200 and MSI Ti4400 Review - Graphics Cards 15

This newly release benchmark is again showing that the NVIDIA chipset has the advantage over the ATI Radeon line of cards. Both the Ti4400 and the low-cost Ti4200 card are beating the Radeon consistently, and the MSI Ti4400 card wins out over the Radeon by 23% in the highest resolution.

NVIDIA Ti4200 and MSI Ti4400 Review - Graphics Cards 16

On this benchmark, the Radeon 8500 card consistently crashed back to the desktop when the GeForce 3 High Quality settings were used, so they were scaled back slightly to allow the benchmark to run on the Radeon setup. However, even with the lower settings, the ATI card isn’t able to over power either the Ti4200 or Ti4400 cards. The Ti4200 beats it by 32% and the Ti4200 beats it out by a high 29%.

NVIDIA Ti4200 and MSI Ti4400 Review - Graphics Cards 17

This test is very interesting to watch, and is a very difficult test for the video cards to complete. Seeing frames in the teens hurts when you are supposed to have the most powerful cards available! 🙂 However, because this test was made with NVIDIA cards in mind, it may not be a fair comparison on the three different cards. The MSI Ti4400 card is stomping the competition by about 25% while the Ti4200 and the Radeon 8500 are neck and neck.

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