Tyan Thunder K7X 760 MPX Motherboard Review

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Tyan has long been the sole rider in this wild ride that is Athlon multi-processing. They were the first to release a motherboard based on the original AMD-760 MP chipset back in June of 2001. They were the first to release a motherboard based on that same chipset for a home and workstation market rather than the server market. They were the first to release an AMD-760 MPX chipset motherboard, the Tyan Tiger MPX back in March. Now, they are releasing an AMD-760 MPX motherboard for the server market. While they are not the first, the Tyan Thunder K7X is the first board to have worked out all the USB and south bridge bugs of the original series of MPX chipset motherboards.

The Thunder K7X (S2468) is basically the same as the original Thunder K7 with the exception of the updated chipset that includes the much need 64-bit wide 66 MHz PCI bus for the server and workstation markets.

Here are the quick board specs:

Motherboard Specifications
CPU Socket 2 x Socket A (200/266 MHz Support)
Chipset AMD-760 MPX
Form Factor ATXGES
Multiplier Options none
Bus Speed Options 100 or 133 MHz
Voltages default only
Memory Support 4 x 184-pin DDR DRAM PC1600/PC2100 Support
Expansion Slots 5/0/1/0 (PCI/ISA/AGP/CNR)
2 x 64-bit / 66 MHz PCI
3 x 32-bit / 33 MHz PCI
AGP Support 4x AGP Pro
USB Support 2 x USB 1.1
Integrated Components ATI Rage XL Video
2x 3COM 10/100 NIC
Adaptec SCSI
Bios Phoenix Bios
Onboard IDE 2 x ATA100 EIDE

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