CPU-FX’s Z4 Aqua Watercooling System Review

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Shortly after the liquid cooling section was introduced to Amdmb, I approached Scott at CPU-FX (makers of the core) to ask if I could review some of their water-cooling equipment. Within 48 hrs one of the best packed parcels, I have ever seen, arrived at my doorstep followed by another package a few days later. [The rad arrived later because we decided to use his rad instead of mine after the block was shipped because my rad was for a 3/8”ths setup.]. These packages contained the newly designed Z4Aqua water jacket, a heater core rad with a shroud, an Enermax adjustable rpm fan and about 15 pounds of Styrofoam peanuts, so make sure you really check the box for all your parts.. Scott from CPU-FX’s assures me that all of their products are shipped world wide in the same well packed, speedy manner.

While today there are many different companies making water cooling equipment it should be noted that CPU-FX has been around since the infancy of water cooling (4 yrs+) and is one of the very first commercial manufactures of computer water cooling equipment.

The Z4 Aqua is the direct result of 3 yrs worth of ongoing R&D by CPU-FX .The Z4 Aqua has had several different maze designs prior to their new Gear Star maze design and while I really cant comment on how the older designs performed ,the new Gear Star maze design performs admirably. The newly designed Z4 Aqua combines a gear-star mazed silver plated copper alloy core for maximum heat absorption with an aluminium top for maximum heat dissipation. It also has a hidden interior design feature which I deem worthy of mentioning. Once I installed the block and had it running the first thing I noticed was the output nipple had what looked like a tornado of air in the very center of water in the return line. This hidden design feature cause’s the water to swirl though the block with a turbulence effect {kind of like how Hayden design works, same effect, different design} resulting in more of the cooler water to come in contact with the heated interior mazes walls, which in return helps to dissipate the heat better. It also looks quite cool, although the visible tornado effect pretty much disappears after a day. All of CPU-FX’s products, right down to the coloured aluminium anodized fittings, are CNC machined in their own shop to.001 accuracy and come with a protective coating .This coating ensures maximum performance and beauty for years to come

CPU-FX's Z4 Aqua Watercooling System Review - Cases and Cooling 12
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