Test System & Results

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The Z4 Aqua was tested under normal to extreme conditions so that both the average user and the enthusiast can determine if this water block is suitable for their needs. Throughout the entire testing procedure [with the exception of the idle test] I ran Folding@Home along with my normal everyday computer use to ensure a full load on the CPU and really heat things up.

Test bed:

  • MSI KT3 Ultra
  • xp1600@ max1900mhz 2.18vcore
    xp1600@ min1669mhz 1.89vcore
  • 256 Samsung pc2700
  • Z4Aqua water block
  • Heater core radiator from CPU-FX
  • Shroud with Enermax adjustable rpm fan
  • Via Aqua 1300 pump [370gph]
  • DigitalDoc5

Test procedure:

I started the testing procedure by making three temperature categories, water, ambient and CPU. The temperatures were then taken seven times for each category using ½ hr intervals for a total of 21 readings. When each test was completed I added up the seven readings from each category and divided the totals by seven to obtain the overall average temperature for each category. A ½ hr settle in period was allowed between tests to help ensure accuracy.

The temperatures were taken by the following means:

The ambient was taken in front of the air intake by a digital thermometer across the radiator. The water temp was taken in the T right before the pump intake by the same digital thermometer which is an indoor outdoor digital thermometer and can be found at Radio Shack. The CPU temp was taken at the die by the digital doc 5. [Use caution when installing this sensor on your block: make sure the sensor is not atop the CPU Die or the CPU will die!!] The watts were calculated using computernerd’s thermal calculator which will give the estimated maximum thermal dissipation for the values submitted.


MHz of XP1600 VcoreAmbient ºCWater ºCCPU ºCDelta ºCWatts
1900 2.18
1800 2.00 26.829.737.610.896
1669 1.89 24.026.432.88.882
1400 1.85 26.027.932.96.970.2
1400(idle) 1.85 25.727.130.95.2(idle)
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