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The Black Edge water jacket does an excellent job of heat removal in my opinion, especially when coupled with a high flow rate radiator like the heater core and a decent pump such as the Via Aqua 1300. At no time during this review with the new radiator in place, did the difference between the CPU and the water temps rise above 4ºC and was usually around the 3.8º area. The heater core is a good alternative radiator. While it is not the prettiest or smallest radiator that’s out on the market, it does a good job of removing the heat from the water and can be bought fairly cheaply. The Lexan clamp does a first-rate job of holding the Black Edge securely in place. It should be noted that you must take out the mother board the first time you install the Lexan clamp.


  • Quiet system over all
  • The block is quite small and fits most motherboards easily
  • Powder coated to prevent tarnishing of the copper.
  • The pump is quite powerful and pretty quiet
  • The radiator does a magnificent job of heat removal
  • Secure clamping device


  • The heater core is a bit big and can be difficult to fit in some mid tower cases
  • The Lexan clamp requires the main board to be removed the first time you install it

This setup performs very well and the Black Edge and Lexan clamp look great when they are installed. Over all this is a pretty exceptional, inexpensive water-jacket that can easily handle the heat of today’s lightning fast cpus. While it may not be as pretty as some of the other blocks on the market it defiantly holds its own and does a terrific job in my opinion. The heater core really made a difference in my overall temps compared to the Aquacoil and is a great alternative companion for this setup.

Foxx [Stan Luymes]

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