Quakecon 2002 – Full Coverage

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Quakecon 2002 is a gamer’s paradise. In one corner you have hundreds of people just like you all playing different kinds of video games on their computers. While walking around the floor I saw some of the obvious games being played such as Quake III and Wolfenstein MP, but I also found a few Unreal Tournament games as well as Counter-Strike and even a Grand Theft Auto 3.

There are other reasons to be at Quakecon as well, including a public display of Doom III in the Doom III Theater. Several companies including ATI, VIA and AMD were making appearances with different reasons for each. In this entry into my Quakecon diary I’ll show you what I saw and learned during the first day of this massive gaming convention.

Quakecon 2002 - Full Coverage - Shows and Expos 43
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