ATI Radeon 9000 Pro Review

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While the Radeon 9000 Pro may not be the most exciting product in ATI’s new lineup, a lot of people (myself included) simply can’t afford to spend $400 on a video card. It’s aggressively priced (official ATI price is $149, but Pricewatch shows it selling for as little as $85), it’s a full 64MB DDR card with full DirectX 8.1 support—something that both NVIDIA and SiS have failed to deliver on with their GeForce4 MX and Xabre, respectively (the Xabre supports only several DirectX 8 features).

A lot of you hardcore enthusiasts, touting your GeForce4 Ti’s or even Radeon 9700s, may be unexcited by this card, and rightfully so. However, the sub-$200 market is one of the hottest selling markets for both ATI and NVIDIA, since the average consumer isn’t willing to spend $400 on a video card, and it’s also a hot choice for OEMs. Even though the GeForce4 MX hasn’t had the warmest reception with the enthusiast community, they have been selling like mad to budget-minded consumers, or even to those unaware that it isn’t a full fledged GeForce4. The Radeon 9000 Pro should do the same.

Today I’ll be comparing the Radeon 9000 Pro against a GeForce4 MX440, and a GeForce3 Ti200 which is used on my personal system.

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