Serious Sam: Second Encounter

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This is probably one of my favorite first-person-shooter games (besides Unreal Tournament, which I didn’t benchmark, due to how CPU dependent it is), the multiplayer is admittedly weak but the singleplayer is a lot of fun. It’s not as demanding as CodeCreatures or even Jedi Knight II, but it is a moderate benchmark and stresses the system more than say, Quake 3, but not too much.

ATI Radeon 9000 Pro Review - Graphics Cards 15

The Radeon 9000 excels at another benchmark– 1600×1200 with my Ti200 has never been totally smooth, and the 9000 makes it a lot more playable. I did play a few levels of Serious Sam after I was finished benchmarking, and it was noticeably smoother at 1600×1200. The MX440 falls behind, and being that Serious Sam’s buggy netcode makes multiplayer gameplay even slower, I would not want an MX440 if you plan on playing Serious Sam.

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