The MCW462-UH

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When I first opened the box I was not prepared for the shear mass of the MCW462-uh .All the pictures of the block I had previously seen on the internet were quite deceiving due to the laid back looks and simple outward design of the block. Weighing in at a hefty 600 grams without the mounting brackets, it appears to me that this block is designed to handle some heavy thermal conditions. This block is rich with innovative ideas, and features well thought out designs such as but not limited to the following:

Swiftech MCW462-UH Water Block Review - Cases and Cooling 6

The heavy duty base plate:

  • The unit receives the new heavy duty C110 copper base plate, which differs from the original by a raised center section allowing clearance for capacitors in dual Intel® Xeon® applications. Overall thickness of the copper base-plate is now .370″ ± 0.005″ .
  • The area that comes in contact with the CPU die or T.E.C is constructed of C110 copper and is polished to an 8 Micro Surface finish to optimize heat transfer and should not require further lapping.
  • Eight 4-40 threaded holes are already in place to accommodate the peltier assembly which can be added on later or purchased at the same time as the water jacket [the T.E.C. assemblies are different for AMD and Intel so make sure you order the correct one if you plan on going this route.] These holes are Ideal to acquire the necessary pressure that a T.E.C device requires for optimal performance.
  • The internal side of the base plate has many small indentations directly under the water intake fitting. This causes more of the cooler water to come in contact with the base plate due to a turbulent flow, in return this helps to promote better heat exchange between the base plate and the cooling fluid.

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The internal chamber and mounting brackets:

  • High internal chamber capacity: 4.22 in3 (69 cc)
  • Focus jet cooling: the inlet stream is located directly above, and close to the heat source (processor, or thermoelectric module). This effectively optimizes cooling where it is most needed: at the hottest spot of the assembly.
  • The MCW462-UH is compatible with AMD® socket A processors, and all Intel® socket 423, socket 478, and socket 603 processors, in single or dual processor configuration. The product ships with all necessary fittings and brackets for both AMD® and Intel® processors.

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Other features:

  • A blue anodized anti-corrosion treatment.
  • Guaranteed to be leak-free up to 60 psi.
  • The mounting system uses the 4 holes through the motherboard and is quite secure .[Although the motherboard must be removed in order to mount or change processors later]
  • the Water-block comes with several options for fittings ,including swivel barbs, straight ½” plastic barbs, low profile plastic inserts .[the block used for testing here has ½ plastic barbed fitting]
Some Teflon tape was required prior to installing the barbed fittings to help ensure a water tight block.[Teflon tape not included],However there was a small tube of Artic Alumina included with the block . The installation of the block went quite well and since I have a small hole cut in the back of my mother board tray it was fairly easy for me. Although with out such a hole, removal of the motherboard is required to install this water block or change processors at a later time .I think it would be interesting to see what this block would do with a 50 mm T.E.C since it appears to be built with a peltier in mind. Well on to the testing.
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