Asus A7N8X nForce2 Motherboard Review

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Asus has a fairly good reputation in the DIY market for their motherboard products. Though we haven’t tested much from them in the last year or so, AMD and NVIDIA teamed up to get the Asus A7N8X motherboard out with each of the new 2700+ and 2800+ processors. Having completed the work on the new Athlon XP 2700+ processor, and getting that review ready for publication, I decided that the Asus board, being the first to be available based around the nForce2 chipset, deserved its own look.

You can get a quick update on the features and options that the new nForce2 chipset from NVIDIA features by taking a look at my article published on it back in July of this year. It has all the details on the SPP (System Platform Processor or North Bridge) and the MCP-T (Media and Communications Processor or South Bridge).

Since that launch in July, I was not sent any kind of reference board or test setup to benchmark until I received this Asus board with the AMD test setup. The results are interesting and I think you’ll be impressed by what the new NVIDIA chipset has to offer.

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