ATI Radeon 9700 Pro Review

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In the past, ATI has made some great, fast, and relatively inexpensive video cards, but they have never exactly been able to steal the performance crown from NVIDIA.

Most recently, the Radeon 8500, which was incarnated to perform against the GeForce3 Ti500, was plagued by driver problems, which hindered its performance upon release. Once those were finally sorted out, and the Radeon 8500 was speeding ahead of the Ti500, NVIDIA released its GeForce4 Ti series of video cards, which had an easy gain on the Radeon 8500. For the next few months after that, ATI was mostly regarded as a budget card manufacturer.

We have finally seen the onset of the Radeon 9700 Pro; it’s clearly much faster than the GeForce4 Ti cards, but today we’re not only going to take a look at the 9700 itself, but the Ti4600’s performance compared to it, and what NVIDIA is doing about it until they can get NV30 out the door.

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