Comdex 2002 Conclusion

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Well, that concludes my coverage of this year’s Comdex show. I must say that for the most part and with very few exceptions, I was unimpressed by what the show offered up to see. Yet again a few, large companies dominated the show floor. Microsoft, Toshiba, Samsung and Benq were the four largest contributors to the show.

There just wasn’t any new technology for attendees to gawk and stare at. While the many LCD and plasma screens were nice to see and admire, most of them were still months away. I am personally looking forward to the tablet PCs when they launch, though they may be underpowered as far as performance goes to replace my everyday laptop.

Overall, Comdex looks to be falling by the wayside. Numbers are still up in the air for the total attendance, but just from my own experience and the opinions of local Las Vegas residents (i.e.: cab drivers!), the show is even less crowded than last year – and being as how closely last year’s show followed 9/11, that is a disappointing fact. There were fewer vendors taking up less show floor, yet I still had less problems walking around the floor due to crowds than I did in the past. Coupling this with the recent financial problems that Key3Media has been having, and you have to wonder if we will even have a Comdex 2003 show. I certainly hope we do, because of Comdex fails and closes, I think it will be a while before we see another technology show of this kind in the US.

The show from the standpoint of our topics at was pretty small. AMD didn’t have any big announcements of this show, other than the Athlon 64 name and the unofficial leaking of a 400 MHz system bus on their Barton processors. I will be exploring this soon. The motherboard manufacturers had little to show off except their current KT400/nForce2 motherboards that were already for sale or soon would be and some demo Hammer motherboards. Until we get actual processors for them, however, having good motherboards really isn’t an issue. Come January, we’ll have a much closer look at these technologies.

That concludes the Comdex 2002 coverage from us. Thanks for reading, and please join the AMDForums for further discussion on this show.

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