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The Innovatek reservoir from HighSpeed PC comes in two flavors: a clear Plexiglas tank, which would look great with some L.E.D’s, or an anodized black aluminum tank.

Innovatek Reservoir Review - Cases and Cooling 9 Innovatek Reservoir Review - Cases and Cooling 10

Both tanks consist of a small block of either material with an internal cylindrical chamber approximately 1 inch across by 3 inches deep. Near the top of the Reservoir is an 8mm Stainless steel compression fitting that attaches to the return line. [Due to the nature of the 8mm fittings, thin walled 8mm tubing is required although I’m sure a modification could be made for larger hoses] By the base of the tank in the side wall is a larger opening with two O rings inside. These O rings seal water tight to intake shaft on either the Ehiem 1046 or 1048 pumps. Note: I found that smearing a drop of dish soap on the impeller housing made it much easier to slide the reservoir in place, just make sure to rinse it off afterwards. The reservoir is filled at the top and is sealed watertight by a large plastic cap which screws tightly against an O ring.

Innovatek Reservoir Review - Cases and Cooling 11 Innovatek Reservoir Review - Cases and Cooling 12
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