Fitting and Testing

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The task of choosing which other components to use with the Innovatek Reservoir was a bit of a chore. I finally landed up using the Black Edge water block mainly because it was the only suitable 3/8ths water block in my arsenal .For a Rad I used the Black Ice extreme radiator as it was already fitted for the case I was using. Originally I was sent the Ehiem 1046 pump with the reservoir, which I found after trying 3 different blocks, to be a tad under powered for maximum cooling and not very suitable for ½” water jackets. While I did manage to use both the ½” Swiftech mcw462-uh and the ½”Z4Aqua with the Innovatek Reservoir and Ehiem 1046, the temperatures were worse then a stock heat sink fan can produce. My best results were 15-16c over ambient using my Black edge water block with the 1046 pump, however the temps were still considerably higher [about 4-5c higher] then the exact same setup using the ViaAqua1300. Figuring I needed a higher flow pump to obtain better results, I contacted Scott from HighSpeed PC and explained what was going on and that I was sure that the Ehiem1048 would help to achieve better results. He promptly sent me the Ehiem 1048 pump to replace the 1046.

When I finally hooked the system up to the Ehiem 1048 I was totally blown away. I had expected about a 3-5c drop in temps using the Ehiem 1048 since the ViaAqua1300 on the same setup was around 12c over ambient .By simply changing the pump from the Ehiem 1046 to the Ehiem 1048 I went from 15c over ambient down to 8.4 c over ambient on a very respectable over clock of an xp1600@1800 MHz 1.85vcore .On the default settings of an xp1600 using 1.725vcore I was only 2c over ambient.

Recently I got a great deal on a black edge North bridge block from one of our members Caprid [Thanks] .I decided to hook this up to the loop as well since I was getting great temps with just the CPU block in place. After a bit of messing around I landed up with a final temp of 10.8 over ambient with both blocks in place. Not to bad and the silence is golden.

Innovatek Reservoir Review - Cases and Cooling 9


  • Innovatek reservoir and Eheim 1048: from HighSpeed PC.
  • Black Edge water block and North bridge block
  • Black Ice Extreme
  • CPU and ambient temps were taken by a digital doc 5
  • Water temps were taken by an indoor outdoor digital thermometer
  • Folding@Home was used to ensure a full load on the CPU


  • XP1600@1800mhz 1.85 vcore Water temps 26.8c, ambient 23.6c, CPU full load 32c, delta 8.4c.
  • With black edge North Bridge in place, Xp1600@1800MHz 1.85 vcore CPU full load 10.8c
  • XP1600@1400mhz 1.725 vcore idle temps 2c over ambient.
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