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After playing with the Innovatek reservoir for quite some time in at least 4-5 different configurations, I was left with mixed feelings. First off, Due to the small rounded internal chamber of the reservoir the water lands up spiraling down in to the tank which causes cavitations. Although this is easily overcome by using a small piece of the blue sponge that comes with the Ehiem pump at the top of the reservoir, it is still a nuisance and I think it would ruin the look of the clear tank. As well The 8mm tubing that came with it is a real pain to work with since it kinks very easily .While The reservoir didn’t appear to be very suitable for the ½” blocks that I tried [Note: I never tried the ½ blocks with the Ehiem1048], when coupled with a 3/8ths water jacket/system such as the Black edge/B.E.I and using the Eheim 1048 the results can be excellent. I think it would be interesting to see what the results would bring using the Innovatek water jackets since it is designed for use with this reservoir.

Innovatek Reservoir Review - Cases and Cooling 9


  • Compact
  • Stylish
  • Excellent pump
  • Fairly easy to fill
  • Good customer service


  • Not suitable for ½ water blocks
  • Requires a small piece of sponge at the top to prevent cavitations
  • 8mm tubing very prone to kinking

Addendum:Scott also sells some blue colored 10mm plastic hose barbs in packages of 2 X straight barbs, and 2 X 90 degree elbows at about $7.50 a package. These work excellent with Innovatek gear which are threaded to a European standard and not US. They will allow you to use any 3/8″ ID tubing you wish and get rid of that annoying kinking twisting problem with the compression fittings. – Thanx to AMDForum member, Lloyd Price for this info.

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