Leadtek K7NCR18D nForce2 Motherboard Review

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It seems as though the launch date for the nForce2 chipset was forever ago, but in fact it was merely July 15th of 2002. Now, nearly 4 months later, we are starting to see retail boards hit the market. The first out the door with a working and stable nForce2 platform is Leadtek, with their K7NCR18D motherboard.

Leadtek is a low status motherboard manufacturer. They are just now coming into the eyes of the consumer market after their release of an original nForce motherboard. Leadtek was one of the few to actually adopt and promote their nForce board to review sites and consumers, and thus they received high praise for their product.

The NVIDIA nForce2 chipset is thus far the best performing chipset for the Athlon XP processors. My recent article comparing the nForce2 and the KT400 chipset used this Leadtek motherboard for the benchmarks. Coupling the nForce2 with a new 333 MHz bus processor and you will have arguably the fastest personal computing system available. (Excluding, perhaps, the newly announced 3 GHz HyperThreading processor from Intel.)

If you would like a more general overview of the nForce2 chipset and its features, be sure to take a look at my article on the subject.

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