Unreal Tournament 2K3

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Leadtek K7NCR18D nForce2 Motherboard Review - Motherboards 25

Leadtek K7NCR18D nForce2 Motherboard Review - Motherboards 26

Again, my thanks go out to the guys at HardOCP for the wonderful UT2K3 benchmark utility that has made all my testing with this game so much easier!

The Leadtek board is showing a stronger lead in this benchmark, coming out 8.5% faster on the low quality test at the 10×7 resolution. Interestingly, though, as the resolution increases, the difference between the boards does NOT decrease, as we are very used to seeing. Instead, the difference changes to about 16% in favor or the Leadtek board.

On the high quality test run, the Leadtek has a steady lead about 10-13% on all the resolutions. This is a definite win for the Leadtek board in this case.

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