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Swiftech has a real winner on their hands with the MCP300™. At roughly 3/4ths the price of the Eheim 1048 pumps the MCP300™ has almost 50% higher flow rates making it more comparable to the Eheim 1250. The pump is, as are all Swiftech products that I have tried, of an excellent, well constructed and thought out design. The aluminum impeller housing prevents the main problem that the Eheim pumps have, which is that the impeller housing can crack, chip or split apart if handled or tightened a little too hard. I myself when I got my Eheim 1048 received one with smashed impeller housing. Unfortunately at this time I can not comment on the reliability factor, as the pump is still new to me, although Gabe assures me that it is very conservatively rated.


  • Anodized aluminum impeller housing made in Swiftech’s CNC mill
  • Quick connects
  • High flow rates almost 50% more in this case
  • Compact and Quiet
  • Expedient shipping polices
  • Two-year Swiftech warranty


  • The hose connects easily to the Quick connects but it is real pain to remove the hose.
  • Unknown reliability factor as the pump is still new
  • Can cause vibrations if not mounted securely
  • A bit warmer & louder then the Ehiem 1048 when free standing in place
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