VIA KT400 Motherboard Roundup

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It really wasn’t that long ago that I completed a roundup of the VIA KT333 chipset motherboards. I had been doing some individual reviews of the KT333 motherboards as they started out coming into our office slowly over time. The KT400 chipset release was an entirely different matter all together.

Because the implementation of the KT400 chipset was so similar to that of the KT333 chipset, motherboard manufacturers could start producing KT400 boards as soon as they had the hardware from VIA. The seven motherboards that are included in this roundup were all sent to within a six-week time period.

In my recent comparison article between the nForce2 and KT400 chipsets, we have seen that though the nForce2 chipset does out perform the VIA KT400 chipset most of the time, the differences that are seen are small when compared to real world benefits. And, being that it is much, much easier to find a KT400 motherboard than an nForce2 motherboard currently, there is no doubt many of you will be heading in the direction of one of the seven boards reviewed here.

Let’s see what differences we can find in the separate motherboards and also what binds them together. First, a look at each motherboard’s feature list and layout.

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