Soltek 75FRV

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Soltek received a lot of success with the release of their KT266A and KT333 motherboards, but the lack of availability in the US is keeping their popularity lower than they would like. In fact, the demo board we were provided with was provided by MisrCorp in an attempt to get their name out as a certified Soltek retailer.

The physical layout of the components on the 75FRV motherboard shows a mix of OEM and end user input. This board is definitely a compact one with little room going to waste anywhere on the PCB. The area around the processor socket is pretty tight, and could cause a problem with larger heatsinks. The 75FRV does not have the 4 mounting holes that we are seeing phased out on Athlon motherboards currently – only a select few are keeping them around.

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The memory slots have more than enough room and won’t be causing any issues with AGP cards, like we have in a few other motherboards in this roundup. The north bridge is covered by a meager heatsink, though for normal usage and small amount of overclocking I can’t imagine it causing any problems. The ATX power connector is located away from the processor heatsink and memory so it shouldn’t have problems either.

The IDE and floppy ports are placed low on the motherboard, which will avoid any installation issues that certain cases may have caused. Directly above them you will find jumpers that are necessary to change the motherboard’s front-side bus from 100 MHz to 133 MHz and 166 MHz. For overclockers running off older processors this can be a slight nuisance. There is a single AGP port and 5 PCI slots on the motherboard.

As for features, there really isn’t a lot the Soltek 75FRV motherboard has to offer. In keeping with the idea of a low cost solution, Soltek is offering USB 2.0, up to 6 ports via the additional USB headers on the motherboard and on-board audio, though not in 6-channels. There is a placement for a Realtek audio chip to be on the motherboard, but it is currently left blank.

The Soltek 75FRV motherboard has some moderate overclocking options included on it. There are FSB settings, Vcore and Multiplier settings, which combine to help keep overclockers happy. However, there is a jumper setting that is required to move from the major steppings of the FSB (such as 100 to 133 and 133 to 166 MHz). Also, as the north bridge only includes a heatsink and no fan, it may limit the FSB you can overclock to. The multiplier trick works on the Soltek 75FRV motherboard, perhaps giving it an advantage over another solution.

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