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It has been a while since we saw the release of a motherboard from Iwill – even longer since we have seen one based on a VIA chipset. The Iwill KK266 was a VERY popular board that put Iwill on the map with overclockers and hardware enthusiasts a like. But, with disappointments like the KA266 line and the XP333 line, which didn’t do well at all with users, Iwill has faded into the background of the DIY market. By releasing a KT400 chipset motherboard, they are hoping to remedy this problem.

VIA KT400 Motherboard Roundup - Motherboards 37
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The first thing I noticed about this Iwill board is that the processor socket gives the user lots of room for large heatsinks as well as keeps the four mounting holes for the very large heatsinks. It easily had the most room for the processor out of any of the motherboards we looked at in this roundup. The DIMM slots are another story, as they are a bit too low on the layout of the board and can cause a problem with the AGP cards. While you can remove memory if it has been installed without removing the AGP card, in order to reinstall it, the AGP card is going to have to go. The north bridge if covered by a heatsink/fan combination to keep it cool and the ATX power connector is off to the side and out of the way for the most part.

Iwill put the IDE connectors in easy to access points, but the RAID implementation that they have chosen isn’t ideal. In order to use RAID, you will need to utilize the ATA port and the SATA port. This is caused by the use of the HPT 371 controller chipset. Iwill’s AGP clip is unique in that it is a sliding clip that holds the AGP card in place. There are 5 PCI slots to fill to your liking.

Iwill has offered a nice bit of features on this motherboard. The IDE RAID is nice, though a bit of a mixed bag as it is going to require the use of a SATA hard drive or a SATA to ATA converter (similar to the ones Abit offers). The external connections have support for 6-channel audio, SPDIF output and 3 USB 2.0 ports. Iwill did include a lot of headers on the board to be used by extras including COM ports, Smartcard reader, gameport and Wake-on-LAN. Finally, Iwill included an internal USB port (next to the second PCI slot) for installing internal USB drives, etc.

With the XP333 being the first motherboard to offer a divider selection in the bios and the KA266 being known for a great ability to increase the FSB, Iwill had a lot to live up to. They didn’t disappoint as the bios of the motherboard offered all the choices we’d expect to see in a good overclocking motherboard: FSB, multiplier, Vagp, Vcore and even Vmem. The Iwill board did not support the multiplier trick at this time. Check for bios updates from them on this matter.

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