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First, I know many of you are asking where can you download such a wonderful driver… The quick answer for now is nowhere! VIA has not officially launched it and they asked me not to distribute for now either, and I am going to honor their request.

I have word from VIA that they are planning a massive re-marketing of their drivers and the AGP 4.40 driver will be included in that initial release in a couple of weeks. They are going to have new IDE drivers as well as other improvements for the KT400 chipset and you can expect us to have another look at those drivers when they are available to us, in full.

For now, I can say that VIA has done a good job patching up one of the sore spots I found on their KT400 chipset. They are now competitive with NVIDIA on every benchmark that we have thrown at it. That leaves NVIDIA in a spot to once again think of a way to overtake the performance champion position.

Whatever the outcome, the real benefactor of the battle will be the PC enthusiasts.

UPDATE (12/10): VIA has now officially released these drivers. Get them here.

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