The Iceberg Water Cooling System

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A while back Peter, from ExoticPC, sent me the Iceberg water cooling kit from Ahanix to review. ExoticPC, located in Southern California, is an authorized dealer for companies such as Ahanix, Zalman, Fortron and Enermax. A few days after I received the email asking if I would review the Iceberg, it arrived safe and sound.

With more and more people turning to water cooling solutions for their computers everyday, it only stands to reason that the commercial market place would begin churning out their versions of water cooling systems: Some are sold as kits and some as pre made water cooled cases. Ahanix, known for their stylish, quality, cost effective cases such as the Noblesse, is of no exception with their Iceberg water cooling kit.

The Iceberg Water Cooling System - Cases and Cooling 15 The Iceberg Water Cooling System - Cases and Cooling 16
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