80mm Fan Roundup

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Not too long ago, heatsinks like Thermalright SK6 and Swiftech MCX370 used high performance 60 mm fans to keep a CPU cool so enthusiasts can achieve high overclocking results. The major disadvantage of 60 mm fans, just like the latest GeForce FX video card cooling system, is that most of them produce a high pitch noise that sounds more or less like a vacuum cleaner. As time passed by, companies began producing heatsinks that use 80 mm fans. Today, most of the top-rated heatsinks use 80 mm fans to allow high air flow and lower noise levels.

A popular question in the Case & Cooling Forum here at has been “Which fan should I use for my heatsink?” As more and more of these questions are posted in the forum, it has become apparent that a review like this one is absolutely necessary. For enthusiasts, picking a good heatsink and fan combination is just as critical as picking different computer parts. A good heatsink and fan combination means getting more MHz out of the CPU. With a wide selection of fans available in the market today, which fan is right for you?

The fans that are tested for this review include:

80mm Fan Roundup - Cases and Cooling 34

High Performers

  • Vantec Tornado
  • Delta FFB0812SHE


  • Mechatronics F8025X12B1
  • Sunon KD1208PTB1
  • Sunon KD1208PTB2
  • Panaflo H1A

Low Noise:

  • Vantec Stealth
  • Panaflo L1A

Adjustable Fans:

  • Enermax Adjustable
  • Thermaltake Smart Fan 2
  • YS-Tech NFD1281259B-2F Adjustable

LED Fan:

  • Cyber Cooler Blue LED

Specs Comparison Charts

80mm Fan Roundup - Cases and Cooling 35

80mm Fan Roundup - Cases and Cooling 36

Vantec Tornado, Thermaltake Smart Fan2, and Enermax Adjustable all have very good cfm to dB ratio compare to the rest of the fans. It will be interesting to see how these particular fans perform.

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