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The Tyan Trinity KT400 motherboard is a late entry in our database of KT400 chipset reviews. The board has been available for a bit, however, our review was just late due to other things on our table. The Tyan board is a good performer for the KT400 genre as our benchmarks show it right up there competing with the Abit board AT7-MAX2.

The biggest change that we saw however coming from previous Tyan Athlon XP motherboards is the rich feature set that they included on the Trinity KT400. Simply stated, there probably aren’t any other KT400 boards that can claim to offer as much bang for the buck as this one. Including both standard IDE RAID as well as two additional Serial ATA channels makes the board all the more attractive. On-board audio, LAN, USB 2.0 and more offer users a lot.

The Tyan Trinity can be found on our Amdmb Pricegrabber service for under $120 with all these features, and if only because of that I think that Tyan has a winner on their hands. Though the future of this board may be changed after the recent release of the KT400A chipset, I think a revision of the current Trinity based on the new KT400A would be a big success.

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