VIA KT400A Chipset Review

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For the majority of the life of the Athlon processor, VIA has been the reigning king of the AMD chipsets. Their line starting with KT133/KX133 and all the way up to the KT333 chipset showed time and time again that they were the best and performance motherboard chipset in the AMD’s realm. That all came to a halt when the nForce2 chipset was released from NVIDIA this past year. For the first time, VIA found itself behind without a countermeasure chipset immediately ready for it. It was during this time that Hammer chipsets were into heavy development and was no doubt responsible for VIA’s diversion.

It would have been okay had AMD not delayed the Athlon 64 processor back to the fall of this year. VIA then needed another chipset to hold over their income and revenue until they can begin to reap the rewards of their work on the K8 chipsets. Not only that, but my feelings are that VIA would like to have themselves on the top of the proverbial totem pole of AMD chipsets BEFORE the release of the Hammer as well to give Athlon 64 buyers a better mindset on choosing the VIA over NVIDIA K8 chipset.

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