Cooler Master XDream Special Edition (HSC-V83)

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The XDream Special Edition HSF is an upgrade to the original Cooler Master XDream (HAC-V81). The old XDream incorporated a copper insert in the base of an aluminum heatsink. Both XDreams come with a remote speed control and tool-less, 3-lug clip. Each uses an 80 mm axial fan but the size and weight of the heatsink has changed. The obvious difference is the SE all copper base but there appear to have been some changes made to the fan as well. Here are the specifications for the XDream Special Edition.
  • Heatsink dimension: 68 x 69 x 32 mm
  • Heatsink dimension (with fan shroud): 80 mm x 80 mm x 50 mm
  • Heatsink construction: solid copper, skived fin technology
  • 3-lug tool-less mounting clip
  • Weight: 498 g (heatsink), 628 g heatsink/ fan assembly
  • Fan dimension: 80 x 80 x 25 mm
  • Fan speed: 2000 – 4800 RPM
  • Fan air flow: 24.6 – 62.1 CFM
  • Voltage range: 7 – 13.2 v (12 VDC nominal)
  • Current: 0.8 Amps (@12 VDC)
  • Speed control mounting brackets for PCI slot and 3.5” bay
Cooler Master: The XDream SE and Aero 7 - Cases and Cooling 15

The 80 mm fan bolts onto the heatsink via the copper anodized aluminum shroud. This shroud raises the fan up off the heatsink top surface and funnels the air down onto the slightly smaller fin area. A stylish fan guard is attached to help keep wayward fingers and wiring out of the spinning fan blades. The base has been machine finished (belt sanded?) but is a little course for my taste. It is protected by a bright red plastic label, which must be removed prior to installation. Cooler Master is well known for producing nice looking hardware and the XDream SE is no exception.

Cooler Master: The XDream SE and Aero 7 - Cases and Cooling 16

Cooler Master rates the variable speed 80 mm axial fan at 24.6 CFM to 62.1 CFM, when operating between 2,000 RPM and 4,800 RPM. The speed control is built into the fan and is adjusted with a remotely located pot.

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