Winning System: CPU, Motherboard, Memory, Video Card

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Processor – AMD Athlon XP 2500+ Barton Core – Priced at $126 Pricegrabber System Build Contest - Systems 9

Grant chose to go with the recently released Barton core Athlon XP processor for his system build. With 512 KB of L2 cache, the Barton core processors offer an increase in performance over their Thoroughbred counterparts. The 2500+ runs at 1.86 GHz and on the 333 MHz front-side bus and is an excellent value for a performance machine.

Motherboard – Abit NF7-S nForce2 – Priced at $118 Pricegrabber System Build Contest - Systems 10

The nForce2 chipset was the obvious choice for a motherboard to couple with the Athlon XP 2500+. The Abit NF7-S board offers a wide variety of features including on-board audio, NIC, Serial ATA and Firewire for a very reasonable cost. You can see my review of this motherboard right here.

Memory – 2 x 256 MB Corsair PC2700 DDR – Priced at $29 Pricegrabber System Build Contest - Systems 11

Corsair memory has long been known to be one of the PC enthusiasts favorite brands of memory. Here, Grant has chosen to use the low-cost line of Corsair memory in order to get the best of both worlds – performance and price. This may be one place that readers looking at buying these components may want to make the move to upgrade, perhaps to PC3200 memory.

Video Card – ATI Radeon 9500 Pro 128 MB – Priced at $178 Pricegrabber System Build Contest - Systems 12

The Radeon 9500 Pro graphics card is a great performer that has recently fallen to incredibly low prices. Coming it at just about $175, this video card will do almost any gamer justice until we see the likes of Doom III pushing the store shelves.

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