AeroCool Silence Solution Heatsink Fans

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In this review we will take an in-depth look at two new coolers from AeroCool: the Golden Crown heatsink fan (HSF) and the Deep Impact HSF. Both are being promoted as a silent solution for cooling today’s modern central processors. The Golden Crown is based on a skived aluminum heatsink and is fitted with a clear, multi-colored 80 mm fan. The Deep Impact incorporates a central Superconductor Tube (heat pipe) and is supplied with a low RPM, side mounted 60 mm fan. I have to say right up front, the Deep Impact HSF produced some pretty impressive temperatures for a near silent cooler!

AeroCool Silence Solution Heatsink Fans - Cases and Cooling 18
AeroCool Golden Crown HSF
AeroCool Silence Solution Heatsink Fans - Cases and Cooling 19
AeroCool Deep Impact HSF

AeroCool Advanced Technologies Corporation was founded in 2001 with headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan and sales offices in Freemont, California. As a thermal solution provider their engineering and R&D staffs specialize in airflow analysis, heat transfer technologies and efficient designs. AeroCool’s goal is to provide total-solutions for thermal management with a commitment to manufacturing the highest quality products for the industrial and personal computer markets.

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