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Overall I was very pleased with the performance of these new Silence Solution coolers from AeroCool. The Golden Crown and Deep Impact HSFs exhibit excellent quality in design and workmanship. The elegant Golden Crown easily beat the stock Athlon OEM cooler with slightly better temperatures and far less noise and almost matched the classic AX-7/Panaflo L1A silent solution results. The innovative Deep Impact made an impressive showing by delivering 4º C lower full load temperatures than the AX-7/Panaflo L1A combo with a barely detectable noise level. Remember that neither the Golden Crown nor the Deep Impact was designed to be a top performance HSF; they were designed to be very quiet cooling solutions. And quiet they are!

The Golden Crown is an aesthetically pleasing heatsink fan to both use and look at. My only complaint is with the retention clip that only attaches to one lug on either side of the CPU socket instead of using all six available lugs. The skived aluminum base and 80 mm fan shroud produced good results for their weight and cost.

For even greater performance without any increase in noise, the Deep Impact with its advanced heat pipe technology really delivered. I have been intrigued with the potential of applying heat pipes to the increasing demands of CPU thermal management for some time. AeroCool certainly isn’t the first heatsink manufacturer to incorporate heat pipes into their design but they seem to have hit on a winning combination.

When AeroCool asked if we would like to test their new coolers I was quite excited to check them out – especially one with a big heat pipe. I was not disappointed! In fact now that I have completed the formal testing I’m thinking of removing the aluminum fins from the Deep Impact and fitting a water jacket around the outside of the copper heat pipe and connecting it to one of my PC water-cooling systems!

A big thanks to our new friends at AeroCool for sending us these two coolers for review. Both the Golden Crown ($25 MSRP) and the Deep Impact ($43 MSRP) should be available in the near future from Tiger Direct.

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