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2P Opteron Motherboards: Tyan and MSI

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While the release of the Opteron processor occurred back in April of this year I was eager to get a hold of some Opteron hardware and put it to the test. While workstations based on the Opteron processors weren’t as far along as the server specific hardware, I was looking forward to seeing how both platforms performed. We are now ready to get the first of the retail available Opteron motherboards reviewed for our readers.

Before we get any further though, I need to make sure that this review is placed in the correct context. If you are a gamer and only a gamer, be prepared to be unimpressed by the features and benchmarks you are going to see here. However, if you are a professional looking for a new workstation or server platform, then you may be pleasantly surprised by it all.

These motherboards, as well as the memory and processors, and heck even the graphics card I use, aren’t aimed at the enthusiast market. Don’t plan on using the new Tyan Thunder K8S or MSI K8D Master motherboards at home…unless of course you run high-end workstations or servers from home.

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