CineBench Cinema 4D and Prime95

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The CineBench 2003 benchmark is one used fairly widely throughout the workstation market based on the Cinema 4D graphics engine. It has the capability to test the OpenGL performance of a system as well as test up to 16 processors on a specific rendering task.

2P Opteron Motherboards: Tyan and MSI - Motherboards 41

This particular benchmark timed the rendering of an image and was able to disperse the work upon multiple CPUs. Here we see the MSI and Tyan boards nearly identical while the Quartet setup is able to steal the thunder. Prime 95 is a benchmark used to find Mersenne Prime numbers.

2P Opteron Motherboards: Tyan and MSI - Motherboards 42

These results show how the memory system handles larger and larger sizes of matrices. And, we can see, it is completely processor dependent.

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