ATi & Nvidia Video Card Roundup

ATi & Nvidia Video Card Roundup

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In the past 2 years, the graphics hardware industry has become more and more competitive and the number of options out there currently is bewildering. So how do we make sense of all this so we can make an informed choice? It seems that choosing a video card these days is as arbitrary as choosing a product that fits your lifestyle and personality ("I’ll pick that one because it matches my china.").

Hopefully after this article we won’t have to throw darts or consult with divine spirits to make our decisions. Today we will compare five different video cards currently on the market:

Soft-modded Radeon 9500 running as a Radeon 9700 Sapphire Radeon 9500
MSI FX5600 MSI FX5200
MSI Ti4800SE


  • Radeon 9700 (*soft-modded Radeon 9500)
  • Radeon 9500 manufactured by Sapphire Technologies
  • GeForce FX5600 manufactured by MSI.
  • GeForce FX5200 manufactured by MSI.
  • GeForce 4 Ti4800SE manufactured by MSI.

As we will soon see, one of these cards undeniably out-classes the others. But what is even more interesting is the battle for second place and some apparent irregularities revealed during our evaluations. What is it, you ask? Read on and find out!

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