Performance Test: Age of Mythology

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We will now test our five videocards in a real-time strategy game – Age of Mythology will serve as our benchmark. I have created a scenario where two large armies (30 units each) clash in the middle of a village. Though a large battle of this scale is rare in Age of Mythology (save for the single player campaign), it serves to show us how bad a card can get with a lot of units moving and fighting on the screen.

Age of Mythology


  • All tests run with 32 bit color
  • Maximum details (including foot prints turned on)

Age of Mythology 1024x768 benchmark results.
**Playable FPS: ~25 FPS or higher.

Age of Mythology 1280x1024 benchmark results.
**Playable FPS: ~25 FPS or higher.

Age of Mythology 1600x1200 benchmark results.
**Playable FPS: ~25 FPS or higher.

General Remarks
There are some interesting points here. First is that the old GeForce 4 Ti4800SE shows better frames per second than the newer FX5600. It would be interesting to see if the Ti4800SE is able to maintain this position when we look at other game tests.

Second is that the cheapest card, the FX5200, was able to play at 1600x1200x32bits without a hitch. So if you’re into RTS games and not looking to spend a whole lot if money, it’s good to know that even the lowest card reviewed here is enough.

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