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Soltek NV400-64: Single Channel nForce2 400 Review

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When we first heard about the upcoming change to the NVIDIA nForce2 chipset, that is, the Ultra 400 stepping, we also learned about NVIDIA releasing a low-cost chipset to compete against the pricing structure of many of the KT400 and KT400A motherboards from VIA. Their answer was the nForce2 400 chipset: a 400 MHz FSB capable chipset that has single channel memory support.

NVIDIA has long been touting that the dual-channel memory is one of the more important features in the nForce2 chipset. But, with KT400 motherboards for prices like the $60, the current chipset that NVIDIA was offering just wasn’t able to reach those kinds of price points – a critical place for NVIDIA if they want to enter into the mainstream market, not just the enthusiast market. Soltek is claiming that their NV-400-64 motherboard will be sold in the US for under $70!

Soltek NV400-64: Single Channel nForce2 400 Review - Motherboards 22

NVIDIA reps have been telling me that the single channel nForce2 400 chipset will out perform the KT400A chipset and maybe even the KT600 chipset, and still leave the nForce2 Ultra 400 chipset to be the king of the mountain for Athlon XP chipsets. What may even be more interesting than that is how the nForce2 400 stands up against its older brother, the nForce2 Ultra 400.

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