Software, Accessories and Roundup

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This is for the other stuff you may want to invest in to make your PC experience better.

  • Basic Systems
  • Gaming Systems
  • Overclocking Systems
  • Video / Image Editing Systems
  • Server Systems
  • CAD / Animation Systems

Basic Systems

Adding software such as Office XP or the upcoming Office 2003 will make these systems complete.

Gaming Systems

Gaming systems are usually designed by people who want maximum performance and have it look good to boot. Case modders will add cold cathodes, LCD temperature monitors, windows, rheobuses, and other sorts of accessories to make their systems perform at maximum and look awesome. Adding software such as 3DMark and the latest games will make these systems complete.

Overclocking Systems

Similar to gamers, overclockers want absolute performance without sacrificing style. Adding LCD temperature monitors, rheobuses, and cutting holes for more fans will have these systems well on their way. Adding benchmarking software suites such as 3DMark, Sisoft Sandra, and stability testing such as Prime95 or Super Pi will put these systems at the top. Overclockers usually like to test out games and get them running at top notch, so adding games to the list is a must as well.

Video / Image Editing Systems

Firewire and capture cards are an absolute must. USB 2.0 can add to the mix depending if you have any cameras that use it or not. Software such as Adobe’s Premiere will do a great job for the professional video editors. Adobe’s Photoshop will do very well for the image editing folks.

CAD / Animation Systems

CAD systems will be able to take advantage of software such as AutoCAD and animation designers will most likely want things such as Lightwave, Bryce, Photoshop, 3D Studio Max and possibly Macromedia Flash.


Small accessories like rounded cables and different color LEDs can set off your system from others. Modding your case – painting, cutting windows, adding liquid cooling, etc all add to the visual style and some add to performance. If you purchase OEM parts, they will sometimes come ‘bare’ – meaning they come with no cables or documentation, so you’ll have to pick up your own cables.

Have fun building your new system and good luck. If you encounter any problems along the way, make sure you drop by the forums and ask for help. We’ll do our best to see if we can’t pull something together for you.


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