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One of the treats of last years Quakecon was Kyle Bennett and his Hard|OCP workshop. All of the attendees of the Quakecon were invited down the main ballroom at the hotel room to take part in the interactive workshop. The basic format for the show is simple: Q&A, then prizes, then more Q&A and the more prizes, etc, etc… And it’s no wonder that the workshops that Kyle puts on have been getting more and more popular as the years progress.

Here is a look at the enormous amounts of prizes that were donated by sponsors to be given out at the workshop.

Here are about 300 shirts as well as 400 RatPadz…

Quakecon 2003 - Shows and Expos 25
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Going down the table here you can see memory from Corsair and Kingston, four Shuttle SN45G XPC systems, about 50 heatsinks from Thermalright, Logitech mice, keyboards and accessories…

Quakecon 2003 - Shows and Expos 26
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… Alpha heatsinks, Vantec heatsinks and Nexus control panels, the Hard|OCP system (not given away, but powered by a VIA dual-Opteron motherboard), Vantec lights and lighted fans…

Quakecon 2003 - Shows and Expos 27
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… a Tyan Radeon 9600 and motherboard, VIA chipset sound card, Asus KT600 motherboard for Opteron, four Chaintech Zenith motherboard for Intel and AMD, Asus SK8N nForce3 motherboard, two Chaintech graphics cards, three BFG 5900 cards and one Gainward 5900 card (not pictured: 12 or so NVIDIA 5200/5600 Ultra cards)…

Quakecon 2003 - Shows and Expos 28
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So, if you want to get in on this action of free stuff, be sure to attend future workshops that Kyle puts on! Below are some more pictures taken from the event when the crowd was getting some free hardware.

Quakecon 2003 - Shows and Expos 29

Quakecon 2003 - Shows and Expos 30

Of course, there is also a very informative part of these workshops in which the participants ask questions and get answers from the speakers who make the industry turn.

Here is Kyle from Hard|OCP answering some questions on the motherboard industry…

Quakecon 2003 - Shows and Expos 31

…while Anand of Anandtech.com tackles the processor questions the crowd has…

Quakecon 2003 - Shows and Expos 32

…and Scott Baker from NVIDIA addresses issue on the nForce platform side of things…

Quakecon 2003 - Shows and Expos 33

…and Richard Brown of VIA Technologies gives their perspective as well.

Quakecon 2003 - Shows and Expos 34

Finally, I’d like to thank Kyle for inviting me to the workshop as well as telling the crowd that Amdmb.com was a trust worthy site for information and reviews. It is great to see the community working together in events like these and I hope it can continue.

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