Applications: PC Mark 2002 and XMPEG

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Athlon 64 3200+ Review - Forgotten CPU? - Processors 30

The PC Mark 2002 benchmark shows the CPU power of the Athlon 64 processor falling behind both the Athlon XP and the P4 — though we have seen this is not the case in the real-world benchmarks.

Athlon 64 3200+ Review - Forgotten CPU? - Processors 31

These results are guaged in FPS, where the higher score is better. You can see here that the Athlon 64 processor is WAY behind the group. I was unable to find the source of this problem, but I am guessing that the 23.3 score is not really a reliable one. After discussions with another reviewer at Computex, the source of the problem may be related to the IDE driver on the K8T800 chipset — I’ll be sure to look into that when I get back from Computex.

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