NVIDIA nForce3 Professional Reference Board

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The motherboard for our workstation setup is the reference motherboard from NVIDIA based on the nForce3 Professional chipset. We’ll touch on some of the key features of this new chipset that we will see extended onto the desktop sector of the Athlon 64 line.

NVIDIA nForce3 Pro and Opteron 144 Reviewed - Chipsets 30

The nForce3 Pro chipset is a single chip design that integrates the best of the MCP-T line of south bridges of their nForce2 line and adds in some features that high end users are asking for. On this chipset you’ll find Gigabit Ethernet, both IDE and Serial ATA RAID supporting RAID 0 and RAID 1, as well as the usual features like USB 2.0, integrated audio, etc.

NVIDIA nForce3 Pro and Opteron 144 Reviewed - Chipsets 31
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You’ll notice on our motherboard, the chip is still marked as an NVIDIA CK8 chipset motherboard, the original codename of the nForce3 chipset. On the production boards, such as the Asus SK8N, these are correctly marked.

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