Case Lab CFD Solver and SPECviewperf 7.1

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NVIDIA nForce3 Pro and Opteron 144 Reviewed - Chipsets 30

The benchmark testcase is the AGARD 445.6 aeroelastic test wing. The wing uses a NACA 65A004 airfoil section and has a panel aspect ratio of 1.65, taper ratio of 0.66, and a quarter-chord sweep angle of 45º. This AGARD wing was tested at the NASA Langley Research Center in the 16-foot Transonic Dynamics Tunnel and is a standard aeroelastic test case used for validation of unsteady, compressible CFD codes.
The Case Lab CFD Solver is a benchmark for scientific studies, somewhat similar to what the ScienceMark 2.0 test was. However in this case, the Opteron processor is able to beat the Intel P4 by 23% or so showing that in some applications the Opteron processor, even in 32-bit compatibility mode, is more than capable of holding off the best from Intel.

NVIDIA nForce3 Pro and Opteron 144 Reviewed - Chipsets 31

Anyone that follows SPECviewperf numbers on hardware enthusiast websites will find these number to be quite amazing. However, the increase is due mainly to the power of the Quadro FX 2000 card from NVIDIA. On most of these results, the P4 is able to trounce the Opteron processor in all but one of the tests.

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