Angel Eye Bay-Res Water-Cooling Reservoir

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Angel Eye Technologies is the original manufacturer of the bay reservoir for water-cooled PCs. The Bay-Res fits into a spare 5.25” drive bay opening and has been designed to help fill the water-cooling system and bleed air bubbles out. Today we are going to look at their latest product, the Bay-Res Reservoir Rev 2.

Angel Eye Bay-Res Water-Cooling Reservoir - Cases and Cooling 10
(Fluorescent Neon Blue Bay-Res Reservoir)

The Angel Eye Bay-Res is made of 1/4” cast acrylic pieces joined together with a watertight seal and is available in clear acrylic as well as UV sensitive Neon Green or Neon Blue colors. The Rev. 2 Bay-Res incorporates several changes and improvements over the original bay reservoir.

  • Center baffle has been added for less turbulence and smoother water flow
  • Fixed issues with fill cap leaking when over tightened
  • Added two 3mm LED holders for lighting effects
  • Lowered rear barb locations to help minimize air pickup
The Bay-Res comes with your choice of 1/2” or 3/8” straight or elbow barb fittings installed. Most of the acrylic surface is still covered by a protective plastic film to minimize scratching during shipping. Here is a picture from the bottom just as it looks out of the box.

Angel Eye Bay-Res Water-Cooling Reservoir - Cases and Cooling 11

I personally like to use the 1/2” straight barb fittings for two reasons. First, they create less flow resistance than the smaller elbow fittings, which means the system flow rate will be slightly higher for better overall performance. And second, because the straight barb fittings allows the Bay-Res to slide forward in the drive bay to access the fill port.

Angel Eye Bay-Res Water-Cooling Reservoir - Cases and Cooling 12

With the straight fittings installed, the reservoir can freely slide forward without having the hoses and elbow fittings hang-up on the drive below.

Angel Eye Bay-Res Water-Cooling Reservoir - Cases and Cooling 13

As you can see in the picture above, this arrangement might not work too well. If you choose to use elbow fittings or a combination of elbow and straight, then placing the Bay-Res in the lower drive bay may be your best option. Otherwise you will have to slide all of the drives out together.

Angel Eye Bay-Res Water-Cooling Reservoir - Cases and Cooling 14

When changing fittings or installing new ones, always use a little Silicone RTV to seal the threads against leaks. Plastic fittings are ideal for threading into acrylic. If you use brass fittings be careful not to over tighten them or the plastic will crack – just finger tight with Silicone RTV.

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