Flow Testing and Conclusions

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I’m always curious about any new water-cooling component and like to have a feel for a particular device’s flow capability before mounting it into the system. I first performed a quick test of the Bay-Res using two popular pumps; the Eheim 1048 and Eheim 1250, representing low and high flow. One side of the reservoir was connected to the pump discharge with an 18” long piece of 1/2” ID Silicone tube. The other side of the reservoir was connected to a 5 gallon graduated bottle with a second piece of tubing x 18” long. The time it took to fill the 5-gallon bottle was measured and each test was repeated three times. (Accuracy of measurement < +/- 1%)

Angel Eye Bay-Res Water-Cooling Reservoir - Cases and Cooling 10

I next placed the Angel Eye Bay-Res into a working water cooling system consisting of an E-1250 pump, Black Ice Extreme radiator, Maze3 waterblock, and 5’ of 1/2” ID Silicone tubing.

Angel Eye Bay-Res Water-Cooling Reservoir - Cases and Cooling 11

While this reduction in flow rate was not significant it did cause the CPU full load temperatures to increase by approximately 1ºC. With the higher flow rate of the E-1250 pump there was some noticeable turbulence and foaming in the reservoir, which was not as apparent when using the lower flow rate E-1048 pump.


If you are in the market for a bay reservoir, then the Angel Eye Bay-Res reservoir Rev. 2 is the first one to consider. It fits cleanly into a standard 5.25” drive bay opening and can add a nice touch to the aesthetics of you water-cooled PC. Installing a couple 3mm LEDs into the backside of the reservoir will greatly enhance its appearance. It would be nice if Angel Eye would offer the LEDs pre-installed in the color of your choice as an option for the electrically challenged modder.

Angel Eye Bay-Res Water-Cooling Reservoir - Cases and Cooling 12

Some people have reported problems with cracking and leaks developing around seams and fittings on earlier versions of some bay reservoirs. I do not know if these were a result of poor quality control or if certain coolant additives could have adversely affected the joints. Angel Eye pressure tests each Bay-Res prior to shipment but it still pays to keep a watchful eye on all your water-cooling components.

Our thanks to Angel Eye USA for sending us the new Bay-Res Rev. 2 to review. The Bay-Res is available for $29.99 US. Check one out on their website or at one their authorized distributors.

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